The Funk king of Sweden is back! After having major success in the nineties, selling hundreds of thousands of records all over the world and touring with the likes of Tina Turner, Paulo Mendonca returns with the single release ”BBB”, which is a foretaste of the upcoming album ”Does anybody wanna funk?”

BBB has all the elements of a classic Paulo Mendonca song; the groove, the intense playing, the melodies and the tongue in cheek lyrics just scream trademark Paulo!


The upcoming album, ”Does anybody wanna funk?” is the first full length release from Paulo in 18 years. And it’s evident that some things stay the same, and some things change! The approved groove and the playing from the best of the best are still there, but Paulo has also collaborated with a lot of writers to add different flavors and textures which can be noticed in lyrics as well as the music that holds a greater variety and maturity.

During his break Paulo kept on playing live all over Europe and beyond and started a successful publishing company with head quarters in London. However the itch to start writing, playing and producing songs for himself got to be too strong and now it’s time to release the result. Paulo Mendonca is back, and regarding the album title ”Does anybody wanna funk?” the answer is unequivocally.

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