The founder of Music against cancer

Jan Sjölund, former co-owner of JSL Sound in Trollhattan, took the initiative to start up a music collection that he called Music Against Cancer.

Janne has for 30 years been a partner/ co-owner of JSL Sound with the main focus on the music industry, consisting of everything from hiring out & installation of sound systems to the sale of professional equipment. In those years Janne had the opportunity to build a large, broad network of contacts and good working relationships with musicians, managers and music wholesalers amongst others. Janne sold his share of the company in 2014 when he felt it was time to do something else.

After Janne sold his share in the company, it seemed quite natural to gather his friends and colleagues in the industry to do something a little bit different regarding a music collection/event. It was there that the idea was born to organize a large music auction/event, auctioning off signed guitars, donated for this purpose by the music wholesalers.

The guitars become unique due to the fact that the artists have kindly signed them purely for the purpose of Music Against Cancer, they also allow us to photograph them while signing the guitars as a certificate of authenticity which always follows the guitar in question at the auction.

During the auction/event we also have a live show and lots of other musical related activities.

The dedicated aim this year for Music Against Cancer is that on a voluntary basis, to raise money for amongst others The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation west and for the care of all children and young people suffering with cancer at a large regional hospital. We operate exclusively on the basis of donations from individuals and the private sector, and receive no grants from the Swedish government, the municipalities or the county councils.

– Cancer is something that unfortunately affects everyone in some way in the community, this may be in the family, friends or colleagues, so it seemed only natural for us to help in any way we can, says Janne.

With this in mind we have formed a non-profit organization Music Against Cancer in Trollhättan, where Janne has got together an amazing group of people with a burning passion for this cause.

– Our hope is that together we can help each other in collecting as much money as possible so we can help as many children & young people as possible. we hope you will all join us in our fight against cancer, says Janne.