ssk_sangNU-healthcare child & youth clinic at NÄL accept children and adolescents aged 0-18 years.
The reception consists of the emergency unit, scheduled reception and day care. It also includes a telephone advice line.

The Children and Youth reception is a children’s medical facility. The reception accepts children and young people with medical illnesses and the day hospital also received patients from all other specialties, such as surgery, orthopedics and dental outpatient clinic.

NU-healthcare child & youth clinic is one of the nation’s largest pediatric clinics in the county health care system. In the catchment area covering Northern Bohuslän, Dalsland and Tri-City population of just over 50,000 children aged 0-18 years.

Inpatient care is located at North Älvsborg County Hospital (NAL) between Trollhättan and Vänersborg. NU healthcare has one of the largest maternity units, of f the more than 3,000 children born here there are about 10-15% of them that need subsequent care. For these children there is a complete neonatal department, dept 34, with the possibility of intensive care for the youngest children.

Children aged 0-18 years are taken care of in a single department, division 23, regardless of specialty. All children cared for at the hospital are offered play therapy and school.

Inpatient care is avoided where possible and the child is introduced into the clinic’s day care center system. The day care center is organized in the outpatient area of ​​the NAL and Uddevalla Hospitals. At these clinics there are large scheduled reception operations and emergency room during the daytime.

Smaller clinics are located at local hospitals in Lysekil, Strömstad and at Dalslands hospitals in Bäckefors.